Weeks 2 & 3

We started digging for the foundation of the house, and it feels both thrilling and terrifying to see the amount of dirt that is moved and changed in order to build a structure. We’re in the phase aptly named the obra negra, or the “black work” because of its physical demands.  We went to look at some different rocks for the foundation, and we decided to use hard, grey rock for the part of the foundation that isn’t seen, and we’ll use colored stones for visible part of the foundation.

Visiting the rock quarry – had to make room for a herd of cows to pass.

Miriam and Molly built a compost to start generating soil for the future garden. Oscar and Ángel have been working more on digging the well, and have reached 6 meters.  We’ll most likely need to reach 8 to 10 meters before encountering water.

The beginning stages digging for the well.

The maestros Beto, Toño, and Elias have been busy digging the trenches where the foundation will go.  At the beginning of week three, they started laying the first stones, and everything started to feel a lot more permanent.

Ángel, Miriam, and Oscar admiring their work.

Next week we’ll be making a trip into Oaxaca to buy a cement mixer to help with making the earthen mix for the walls, and stopping by San José del Pacífico to see Ángel’s family and check out a special rock, piedra caliza laja, to make the retention wall that divides the kitchen and living room.

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