Meet the Team

Ángel is our maestro and foreman – essentially the glue that holds everything together, and the reason we don’t lose sleep at night. He has years of experience working with natural materials, as well as being the foreman on countless projects.

´Angel and Oscar

Oscar is our architect and friend; he works closely with us and sat patiently through numerous meetings to really capture our vision. He drew the housing plans and is currently helping with construction of the house.

Marcos is a friend and mentor of ours who welcomed Miriam and Molly into his eco-construction business as apprentices, Eco Constructores Oaxaca, and into his family two years ago. He helps by contributing advice and his extensive knowledge, and he will assist with the natural building workshops that we offer.

Maestros Toño, Elias, and Beto

Maestros Toño, Beto, and Elias are all locals to the area and are working with us on the practical implementation of the project. They bring both technical expertise and many years of practical experience.

We are the three sisters, Miriam, Molly, and Jenny, who dreamed up this project. We work on a day-to-day basis helping with different aspects of the building process.

Jenny, Molly, and Miriam

This project would also not be possible without the help and support of our parents, Susan and Paul. They take time each year to come and visit and help with construction process.