Reconnection in the jungle

January 26th to February 1st, 2022

Reconnect with your Spirit
Purify, recalibrate and find your true purpose

Times are changing and they change fast…
We are entering a new era and there is a lot of confusion in the world right now.
A lot of darkness is pushing us to the edge of our existence.
A lot of fear, uncertainty and disconnection.
At the same time a great amount of awakening is going on around the world.
We are looking for answers and directions but very often we end up with more confusion.
It is a crucial time to connect with our ancestors, with our linage.
Many of us are coming from ancient linages of light and we have lost the connection many generations ago.
We turn to Indigenous cultures to learn what we have lost.
A universal knowledge that each tribe on this planet shares.
They can guide and teach us to a certain level but they will never give us back our connection.

Tierra Sagrada works over 20 years with traditional healers in the state of Oaxaca.
We like to invite you on a very special journey. 
Elisabeth Mattern Alcazar is a powerful spiritual healer who lives in the jungle of the coffee land of Oaxaca.
Her grandfather came 80 years ago from Germany creating his home and his coffee plantation in the middle of the jungle.
Her grandmother was a traditional Indigenous healer, una curandera.
She is uniting two very important linage inside her.
Her teaching is very archaic and elemental.
We work with her reconnecting with our spirit and our ancestors.
This is a unique opportunity…..

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