Jungle Reconnection

Reconnect with the elements and reconnect with spirit

This is not a trip, a trip is boring,a trip is predictable, this is a journey full of discoveries.

This is a blind date with destiny

Our 5-day reconnection leads us into the Tropics.
We stay at a coffee plantation.
The place is like traveling back in time.

The house was built by Elizabeth’s grandfather, Alfred Mattern, a German immigrant who settled here in 1930.
Elizabeth Mattern is a powerful healer, seer and ceremony leader. She can see your past, present and future.

Working with her is profound and not always easy.

Elizabeth uses the elements (earth, wind, fire and water).
With water in the river practicing a ritual cleansing, with earth covering you with mud and performing fire ceremony.

It’s a deep purification and transforming experience.

We usually work with her early in the morning and in the evening.

The place of our stay, the coffee plantation, is very special.
A family home in the middle of the jungle where the best meals are prepared by this lovely woman, Matilde, Elizabeth’s mother.

We walk through the forest, swim in the nearby river, enjoy resting in hammocks and learn how to make “tamales”.

We’ll disconnect from our stressful world to be able to reconnect with our essence.

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