Mountain Reconnection

Learn about medicine plants, enjoy beautiful nature, visit an ancient sacred site and experience a “Temazcal”, an indigenous steam bath.

This is a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from our busy life and reconnect with our true self.

It’s an exciting introduction into the world of traditional healing.

Day 1

This day leads us to San Antonio Cuajimoloyas, a Zapotec community at 3’200 m / 10,500 ft high, where we go with our local guide on a plant medicine walk.
We’ll learn about healing plants and their daily use in the community.
We visit a women cooperative which elaborates salves based on natural ingredients and meet the local “curandera” for a demonstration of a “limpia”, a ritual cleansing for body and spirit.
After a late lunch we drive to Santa Martha Latuvi.

Overnight in the cabins of Latuvi.

Day 2

We hike on an ancient prehispanic trading path from Santa Martha Latuvi to Santa Catarina Lachatao.
We walk in silence to connect with nature and create awareness.
Guided meditation at the river.

Overnight in the beautiful mountain village of Lachatao.

Day 3

On our third day we do a ritual walk to the sacred site of the community, the hill of the Jaguar.
Ceremony to open the four cardinal points, honoring the four elements.
In the afternoon we prepare us for the “ temazcal ”.

Overnight in Lachatao.

Day 4

After breakfast we drive back to Oaxaca city.

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