Our Journey

We came to Oaxaca in December 1997.
A long time ago ….

We knew nothing about the culture, the people, their traditions;
but Oaxaca adopted us with an open heart.

A friend introduced us to the work of Carlos Castaneda.
The believing system he describes in his books, learning about prehispanic culture and being emerge in indigenous communities gave us an understanding of the existence of spirits.

Early on, for a strange reason, we started to bring people to healers.
In Germany or Switzerland we don’t talk much about spirit.
We honestly believe that we don’t even know about his existence.
We came from a rigid world where everybody has to function.

As we started working with indigenous communities in ecotourism we were always fascinated how people were still connected to their land.
Everybody knew about medicine plants and their uses.
About giving back to earth, about spirits of the forest, the water ….
People introduce us little by little to the magic of their land.

It was a client on a hike who asks us if we would be able to organize a workshop with traditional midwives to create an interchange of knowledge with American midwives.

We loved the idea and this is how we created our longtime relationship with UNM.
We still organize a 10-days workshop for them every year.

Around the year 2000, we started to promote a temazcal (Indian Steam bath) to support the work of a NGO who worked in remote parts of Oaxaca. Our goal was to create an independent income through their collaboration with indigenous healers.
Although this NGO no longer exists, the contacts and deep friendships with the healers remain intact today.

Our personal healing story started at a coffee plantation meeting Elizabeth.
She gave us a deeper understanding of the world of spirit.

She teached us that we cannot fulfill our mission here on earth carrying so much sadness, anger, fear, anxiety.
Our negative emotions make us sick and, sometimes there are not even our own, we carry them since generations or past lives.

…. and we have no idea how to get rid of them ….

Together with her we went on a healing journey and things changed.
Healing is never a linear process.
It is amazing, difficult, stunning, devastating, magical, exhausting BUT necessary.

In our case it helped us recognizing and changing behavior patterns, unhealthy for our relationships.

Each spirit is unique, there is not only one method of healing.

When you undergo your own healing process you can help others building a bridge to their own healing.

Every patient brings his own story and every spirit teaches you a different lesson.

That’s the beauty of this ancient healing tradition and it changed our life.

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