Why Tierra Sagrada?

From Tierraventura to Tierra Sagrada

Our journey of a lifetime…

Coming from adventure to sacred was for us a natural evolution.

Working in Oaxaca for over 20 years in remote indigenous communities with mind-blowing, still intact nature, culture and traditions, made us realize how sacred the land still is.
It’s the land of ancient wisdom, a land of culture the western world never fully understood.
It’s a land of magic where people are still connected to nature and spirits.


There are not many places in the world where you find these connections.
Tierra Sagrada is not a business idea, it is what our heart tells us to do.
We would like to share with you what we learned (and still learning) on our journey.

We would like to connect you to our teachers, the healers, the land…

Our Journey
Treasure Map
Traditional Medicine