Yoga and traditional medicine

July 26 & 28, 2024 San Sebastian Rio Hondo / Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

You might be asking yourself why we offer Yoga retreats on a site dedicated to Mexican traditional medicine.

Yoga for us has been always an important partner for our spiritual growth.
It helped us to understand our bodies and emotions more deeply.
In 2012, Claudia completed a Yoga teacher training with Alosja van Leeuwen.
Since than we always wanted to interlace traditional medicine with Yoga.
Our body is an incredible map, however we have lost the ability to read it.
Deep inside of us, in various parts of our body, we have accumulated many secrets.

Our shoulders carry the “weight of the world”, they are unable to let go of responsibilities and weight that is not ours.
The hips hide fear and anxiety, the upper or lower back absorbes our guilt and so many repressed feelings.

The knees represent our “ego” and pride, the incapacity of being able to surrender.
The tightness of the neck is related to stubbornness and the willingness to see the other side of the story.
The chakras are incredible keys to understand the world of relationships. When they are open, the energy can flow through our body.

Chronic pain often carries old memories which are stored in our body.
Through movement we are able to liberate them and get rid of energy blockages.
So we practice Yoga to heal and to stay in balance.

Together with our Yoga teacher, Alosja, we created these retreats for you.
We bring you to incredible, unique places and they give you an introduction into the complex world of traditional healing.

We experience a temazcal (Indigenous steam bath) during our retreats, working in transforming our energy with the help of the 4 elements (water, earth, wind and fire).

Yin Yoga & Restorative Alignment, both very accessible styles of Yoga is what we practice on our retreats. Both are slow, soothing and meditative, this technique targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in our body. It also focuses on stretching and stimulating different acupressure points used in traditional Chinese and traditional Mexican medicine.

It also works on an emotional and physical level.
It’s a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and with the essential elements.
And maybe it will be the beginning of your healing journey….

July 26 & 28, 2024 San Sebastian Rio Hondo / Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

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